Welcome to The MJS living, where you can find everything that you need to transform your space. With our luxurious home decor items, you can create a relaxing bedroom and a soothing living area for your family, friends, and guests. Our selected materials are a mixture of contemporary, boho, high-end style. You can pick among the variety of affordable modern decor items.


 Transform your living area with or array of decor items.


Personalize your living space by using a variety of jute mirrors, Modern boho wall art, jute storage boxes, baskets, candle holders, and a lot more things. With our in-budget decorative items, you can now renovate and beautify the whole look of your home. With 30 years of expertise in this business, we put the right accessories in our stock to help you in creating a tranquil tone at home. With MJS Living, we give your place an enhanced look by purchasing modern home decor online. 


Buy home decor online to enhance the existing ambiance 

Styling has become easy with us. You can try our handwoven accessories and can give a touch of organic look to your place. Exhibit unique art so that your space can reflect the unique decorative taste of yours, which makes the house look like a maintained home. From huge luxury decorative items to mini ones, we have collected all the antique ones. 


Buy luxury home decor online from The MJS living


You can even discover accessories for your commercial place. We have a collection of budget0-friendly desk accessories. It will surely give your desk a distinctive look. Moreover, these decor items look sophisticated too. Our decor pieces do not need huge maintenance and are adjustable. You can browse and discover small home decor items if you have a small home. You can make your surroundings look new, better, and realistic with semi-circular wall planters, hanging pots, and planters with stands. The greenery can make your home look much brighter and is a never-ending trend too. Fake trees or planters stay green forever and are a one-time investment. So, why not spend bucks on worthy decor items.